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I'm ready to reduce my home's flood risk.

Most homes are at risk of flooding due to increasingly heavy rainstorms and plumbing leaks. Take a few minutes to complete a home flood protection check-up to receive a confidential report.

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I’m ready to learn about installing Natural Infrastructure on my property.

Thanks for your interest in installing Natural Infrastructure on your property. From the list below, please select the Natural Infrastructure you are interested in.

I want the Federal Government to Invest in Urban-Based Natural Infrastructure.

Trees, rain gardens, permeable pavement, green roofs, rain barrels, and community gardens: these examples of “urban-based Natural Infrastructure” do much more than just soak up the rain and reduce the harm caused by flooding, they:

  • create resilient communities (eg. by reducing the urban heat island effect and providing locally-grown food)
  • improve our mental well-being and physical health
  • provide habitat for pollinators and promoting urban biodiversity
  • create green jobs

Help harness the incredible power of urban-based Natural Infrastructure. Please join your fellow Canadians and ask the Federal Government to invest in urban-based Natural Infrastructure as part of the COVID Recovery.

Please send a letter to the Honourable Chrystia Freeland, Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister, and the Honourable Catherine McKenna, Minister of Infrastructure and Communities urging them to invest in urban-based Natural Infrastructure.

This Action is brought to you by Unflood Ontario, a network of groups led by Community Foundations, working together to “unflood Ontario” by educating and engaging the public about the impact of floods and the multiple benefits of Natural Infrastructure.